A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

About the game

The Artifact of Gods is a first-person dungeon puzzler game with stealth, crossbow combat and puzzle mechanics, placed in a dark fantasy setting.

The protagonist has been lured into a forgotten dungeon by an ancient spirit. The only way out is by retrieving the mysterious Artifact of Gods. Unfortunately the path is guarded by traps and undead patrols. Can you hide or do you fight back?

It's a linear, non-procedural, handcrafted experience.
The difficulty level adapts between hard and *cursing words* depending on your mood.
It's completely free to download. It's a gift from gamers for gamers!

Visit us on nightbox-studios.com

Why we did this

When we started this project, it was just for fun. We were passionate gamers with a lot of ideas, but we knew next to nothing about Unity specifically or game development in general. We learned everything on the way, which meant we did not know the amount of work required to finish our first game. We worked on it for over a year, nearly every evening and on weekends, making it another full time job (instead of a request for vacation, we had a request for sleep; I still hope it gets approved).

We're very proud that we've succeeded to realize our first playable project.

Truth be told, with everything we learned since the inception of the project, we'd better plan our workflow and we'd be able to make a much better game. We might do so one day in sequel.

The Artifact Of Gods is therefore an introduction to our work. Because we are also gamers, we wanted to give back something, to show what we learned. It's free, because we like you and want to see you die, repeatedly. Also there are some license issues... ;)

We hope you will enjoy your time with The Artifact Of Gods: Resurrection.

Things we had not planned

Everything. Seriously. We had no idea. But things changed within a year:

  • One of us is actively pursuing a bachelors degree in game design. The other is stubborn and persists in completing his PhD thesis in physics.
  • We've registered NightBox-Studios as a real company. Waiting for our tax id was an awesome experience.
  • We switched from Unity Free to Pro and reworked most effects.
  • Unity 4.6 and 5 Beta came out, with great new features, the former with a new GUI system, the later with a complete new rendering setup. Unfortunately, they came too late to be used.
  • So many plugin functions had to be replaced by custom code at some point. In the end, most were simply not worth the time. And definitely not worth the head scratching!
  • All these bugs in all different sizes. But those that remain are planned for your amusement.
  • At least we had backups.
  • What has not changed is our volition to create more games!


We want to thank our voice talent Jessica Grobelnik for her additional story input.

We're grateful to all test players for their input.

A big thank you to all our followers; Craze Music Productions for the music, freesound.org and cgtextures.com for their amazing databases and Unity for their great engine.

Install instructions

The Windows version comes with an installer where you can choose your installation directory. The saves and settings will reside in %APPDATA%/NightBox-Studios/The Artifact Of Gods". The uninstaller will clean the installation folder and the appdata settings.

For the Mac version, unzip and place the app package wherever you like.
The game will place its saves and settings under "~/.config/NightBox-Studios/The Artifact Of Gods".


TAOG_rv1_win32_installer.exe 399 MB
TAOG_rv1_macos.zip 395 MB